Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year Eve Reunion Dinner 2009

This year we decided not to eat at the restaurant but cook at home. We had a few friends over besides family for dinner. My mum cooked most of the food with Cindy and I as kitchen helpers. The only dishes that we did not cook was the Chinese roast duck, oysters and spring rolls. I totally forgot to take the photo of one dish - the steamed Murray Cod with ginger and soy sauce. Regardless, the fish was perfect. I was glad we decided to have dinner at home, whilst it was more work for us, it was much more relaxing for all, taking our time to savour each bite and finish off with coffee/tea and dessert and several rounds of 'in-between' card game.

Home-made siew yoke (roast pork)

This next dish is a traditional Hakka dish (so I have been told by my mum - called 'sin pun chee' or Yam Abacus seeds)

Mum's famous Achar

Vegetarian dish

Prawns in Sweet and Sour Sauce

Stir-fried mix vegies

The next three dishes were bought (although hubby deep-fried the spring rolls).
Fresh Tasmanian Oysters

Desserts to finish:

Mango pudding (made by Cindy)

Longan, Lychees with Konnyaku and Almond Jelly


  1. Wah, your yee-sang is so loaded with salmon! sure yummy.

    here's wishing you a Happy and a Prosperous Chinese New Year too.

  2. Thank you Shern's mom! The yee sang was definitely yummy! That was all I had for dinner tht night. Too full to savour the other dishes. Kung Hei Fatt Choy to you and yours!

  3. your reunion dinner definetly look sooo good!! all my favourite foods!!

  4. ohh.. yum yum !!!! I love yee-sang , ur yee san is loaded with salmon , looks so yummy !!Kong Hey Fatt Choi !!

  5. Wow what a spread & yes I'm all for enjoying a special occasion meal like this at home.