Sunday, September 27, 2009


My two girls and I are heading to Spore/Msia for two weeks to catch up with extended family. This is a long overdue trip since my last trip was close to 8 years ago. Will catch up when we return.


  1. Enjoy yourself in M'sia/S'pore. I'm sure you'll stuff yourself with all the local delights that you've been yearning to eat, hehehe. Do snap pix and post them in FB/your blog!

  2. Wow, how nice ~~~~ Have a safe and pleasant trip back home ya!

  3. hi charmaine,

    note from your profile that you are a malaysian and have been in ozland for a while now. i am actually doing a survey regarding migration and intend to blog more about it...

    just want a quick answer to a very simple question...

    "Do you intend to come back?"

  4. have a nice vacation and don't forget to makan kuat!