Sunday, October 25, 2009

Deep-Fried Onion Chicken in Special Sauce

This dish was one of my sister's favourite dish when we were growing up in Malaysia. There was one restaurant near PJ Hilton, called "Nam Fong" where we go for dinner and this was always something we ordered. Sadly, I don't think the restaurant exists anymore. When I saw this recipe in a "Hawkers' Fare Simplified" recipe book at the Popular bookstore when I was in Malaysia, I had to buy it.

The recipe is a little fiddly because of the deep-frying, but it's tasty. I'm going to cook this for my sister when she visits during Christmas/New Year.

Along with this dish, I also tried a new dish "Steamed Silky Egg". Apologies for the photo - I forgot to take a photo before serving.

Since it's spring/summer time, we can buy 'kangkung' (Water Spinach or Water Convolvulus). So I stir-fried kangkung and leftover shimeji mushrooms with some sambal, not too spicy for hubby.


  1. The steamed silky egg is a classic but appetising dish. My attention was also captivated by your retro dish of onion chicken, it may be a good idea for you to have a collection of such tasty dishes of the past in your blog.

  2. ooo.. You made the silky egg soo smooth! Mine isn't always as smooth.

    And deep fried onion chicken-the onion looks like the melt in your mouth onion rings!

  3. My kids and I love steamed eggs. I still can't make super smooth and creamy steamed eggs. I am still experimenting.

  4. if qiqi sees the plate of fried onion chicken, surely she could finish her rice quickly!