Monday, January 18, 2010

Orange Almond Cake

I love orange-flavoured cakes. When I saw this recipe on Gertrude's blog, I knew I had to give it a go. I changed the method slightly and added the orange zest when creaming the butter and sugar. I also reduced the sugar by 20gm.

You could serve this cake for dessert, with a dollop of double cream or ice-cream.
According to my hubby, it's Masterchef material. Thanks Gert for the recipe.

Note to self: Oven temperature set at 120C.


  1. YUM!!!!! *wipes saliva from corner of mouth*

  2. i love butter cake a lot too, can just finish the whole cake by myself!

  3. It turned out perfect! I'm so gonna try this recipe one day. :)

  4. hi charmaine, thks 4 yr comments...:D
    looks like here is another foodie blog that i can drool over. hopefully when things get more settle, i'll have more time for baking too!! nice bake!!
    catch up & hv a good sunday :)

  5. This looks good with orange and almond. Great combo!

  6. that cake looks delicious, it looks like it'd be delicious with some caramelised peaches.