Sunday, October 17, 2010

A$ and USD - reached parity

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Late on Friday night, Australian time, the Aussie dollar reached parity with the US Dollar. An event not seen since 1983. Whilst the strong Aussie dollar is great news for shoppers and travellers, it is not so good for local manufacturers and exporters. It's a pity we have no immediate plans to visit my sis in the US of A. It's a good time to buy US Dollars to keep for future trips. Another good thing is online shopping. I am sure sales on have grown significantly.

I also found some skinny jeans for Ashleigh in GapKids for less than A$40. That's quite a bargain, but I am concern about the fit. Ash is skinny and petite and it's quite a challenge to buy a pair of jeans for her. Might have to check out measurements.

Time to do some online browsing. Good night!


  1. if its stretchablle, it's ok. The skinny jeans are really cute aren't they? I

  2. i bet you'll be doing lotsa shopping from now on. The RM is pretty strong lately and it's more feasible to shop in US now. Looking forward to more online shopping too.

  3. bad news for me too as I can no longer shop from Australian online store :(