Saturday, October 30, 2010

Summer is coming

When I see boxes of mangoes stacked up in the front of our local fruit market, I know summer is around the corner. We love mangoes, usually I buy a box which has about 14 mangoes and it will last us about a week, since we share the box with my parents. Freshly cut mangoes, mango smoothies, mango puddings, mangoes in konnyaku jelly.

I bought a box of R2E2 mangoes today for $19.98. A friend has ordered a cake, finger food and desserts for a dinner party tomorrow. I think I am going to make Mangomisu as the dessert.


  1. for us, winter is coming soon... have fun cooking with mango.. hehehe.. i still prefer fresh cut mango than in the dessert..

  2. Hmmm...yummm mango. That reminds me of the thai mango rice dessert. Hmm.... :D

    Some of the mangoes are so sour.. I can never tell! Sigh!

    have you tasted Pakistani mangoes..they are the sweetest in the world.

  3. Su: Have never tasted Pakistani mangos before. Sounds yummilicious. Hv nvr seen them in Sydney though.