Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Are you ready for Christmas?

source: saidonline
Christmas is 10 days away. How's your Christmas preparation coming along? I know we are not ready... the Christmas tree is up, the decorations are on and that's about it. All the presents have been bought.
I have not even baked the Christmas fruitcake. It's been a busy year at work for hubby and I. We have also been busy with end of school events at junior school and long day care as well. To top it off, I am taking on a new role tomorrow within the same organization. An exciting time for me with new challenges to face. I am a little anxious of what's to come but I am glad for the change. I think this Christmas we will just keep it low key and relax. Sounds like a plan!


  1. Why not..? I wish I could too...take it easy, last thing you need is to overload it all. Sounds like you're very well organised already!..

  2. In Wollongong, we say ride along with the wave. In business assurance, we look for a viable and reliable system that you operate in. I reckon you and hubby do have the system in place and just enjoy the ride into this magical and lovely time of year.

  3. Kevin: I like your suggestion to 'ride along with the wave'. Might just do that and relax. Maybe a trip down to the Gong over the holiday period.