Sunday, December 19, 2010

Charlie & Co Burgers

We went to the city to check out the newly opened Westfield Sydney (it was officially opened on 29 Oct 2010) today. This new centre heralds a different shopping experience in Sydney. Not all the shops are opened, notably Zara located right on the mall is still closed. There were also quite a few designer stores that are boarded up like Bottega Veneta (I think!) and many more. I can't recall all the names. It's rather dark and the colour black is everywhere in the centre. We also checked out the premium food court (aka The Sydney Room) located on Level 5. You won't find any McDonald's, KFC or Hungry Jacks here. Instead, you will find eateries like Crust (pizza), Charlie & Co Burgers (owned by Justin North from Becasse), Guzman Y Gomez (mexican), EAT Dell Kitchen (Michael Moore), Via del Corso Patticceraia e Caffe (sorbet, pastries and coffee), Top Fruit (juice, yoghurts and fruits).

Federation Burger

Rustic Chorizo Classic
 Chris and I ordered burgers from Charlie & Co, which we absolutely love. It was HUGE! The quality of the beef patty was excellent, juicy but no fat. Price might be slightly higher than what one would pay for a burger in a cafe, but definitely worth it for the succulent burgers. The burgers were so tall, we could not fit into our mouths, so we had to break it down. The girls shared a meat lovers pizza from Crust and a Berried Treasure juice from Top Fruit. EAT Dell Kitchen serves Campos coffee which is creamy and strong.

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  1. What great shots, now I fully understand what you meant by the burgers. Yes, Westfield seems to have blended in a new crop of food outlets at their Pitt Street Mall joint called the Sydney Room.