Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Glad to be home

We're back from our holidays to East Malaysia and Singapore. After two weeks of warm and humid weather, it was a relief to come home to cool and humidity-free temperatures. Chris has returned to work today, I didn't even know he left for work. I'm at home for the rest of the week with Ashleigh and Caitlin, working through the laundry and trying to get back to routine before I return to work next Tuesday. Girls will still be on holidays until the 11 Oct.

We had a great time in Kota Kinabalu, feasting on delicious fresh seafood (and cheap!). Girls enjoyed their time in the pool. Singapore was busy, doing the touristy things.

More posts to come. Enjoy the school holidays.


  1. can't wait to see the girls in the picture! Are they now lobster red now?

  2. can't wait to see their pictures here soon. Are they now lobster red from sunning over here?

  3. Chin Nee: all of us are brown.. very tan.

  4. so fast, already two weeks. That time just saw u post picture in FB that you're at KK intl airport, now you're already back home.