Thursday, September 29, 2011

Malaysia through Caitlin's eyes

Our recent holidays to Kota Kinabalu was Caitlin's 2nd trip to Malaysia. Being older this time, Caitlin was more observant and aware of her surroundings.

Not wearing seatbelts
In her first taxi ride from KK airport to the hotel, Cait asked the driver if she had to wear the seatbelt. When the driver said it was not necessary, she was worried about not wearing a seat belt whilst sitting in the back seat. The driver was travelling at a fast speed and she commented that he needed to slow down else an accident could occur.

People carrying umbrellas as sun protection
Cait was curious why there were many ladies carrying an umbrella whilst walking along the esplanade at the hotel. She mentioned that it was not raining and they didn't need the umbrella.

Buffet breakfasts
Cait loved the buffet breakfast at the two resorts. She thought it was wonderful that the buffet offered such a wide variety of food that one self-serves.

Squat toilets
Cait was appalled to see the squat hole in the ground toilets in Malaysia. She was worried about falling into the hole and therefore refused to use the toilets.

The humidity was difficult for Cait. She didn't like the sweat and stickiness on her skin. Cait's favourite time was spent in the pool.

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  1. my hubs always laugh at me when I carry umbrella on a sunny day ... so typical Malaysian hor...

  2. Chew Lee: I actually found the sun not too strong in Msia when compared to Oz. My Mum also carries an umbrella in summer in Sydney and the girls always laugh at her.

  3. heheheh..she is cute. So different culture ya?

  4. Refreshing perspectives from Cait on holding umbrellas to protect against the sun, instead of the rain. Humidity is often something I also have to adjust to when in Malaysia. Releif only when comes with a quick and dramatic thunsderstorm, often in the evenings. And then, Caitlin, that's when umbrellas, as you already know, are required.