Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chinese Roast Duck Pancakes

My two girls love Peking Duck wraps, probably one of their favourite dishes in Chinese restaurants. It's easy to make them at home too. Easy because I buy the roast duck and pancakes from the local Chinese BBQ shops. All I need to do at home is slice the meat from the duck, steam the pancakes, prepare the hoi sin sauce and cut up some cucumbers and spring onions. The girls will assemble their own pancakes when they are ready to eat.


  1. Wah..i din know we can "home made" dish like this.

    its easy to get Peking duck there too? What kind of Hoi Sin sauce is that? ready in bottle? and also the skin, is it similar to popiah skin?

  2. Chin Nee: We can order Peking Duck in Chinese restaurants. For this dish, I bought a Chinese style roast duck from the Chinese BBQ shop. The shop will also sell the pancakes and hoi sin sauce (but I will also buy the Lee Kum Kee brand). Easy to put together.