Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Coles - MIX

From tomorrow, in certain supermarkets nationally, Coles will be introducing a new line of clothing called 'MIX' ranging from bikinis, tops, pants, dresses and shoes. It is part of Coles' strategy to you to spend more in their stores. The garments will be priced at affordable prices (priced under A$25) and the returns policy is meant to be generous, allowing you to try it on at home and return if you're not satisfied.

An interesting concept like the Wal-Mart stores in USA, where you can buy anything from food, electronics, clothing to outdoor furniture. Basically anything and everything including the kitchen sink.

I am not sure about this idea of buying clothes at the same time as buying cereal, flour and milk but remain open to see what the quality of the garments are like.


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