Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day Menu

This year for Christmas Day, we kept the menu simple and easy since it was a small group, just family. For me, it was the most relaxing preparations. Hubby did most of the cooking and I did the food shopping and made desserts. I even had time to play with the girls whilst hubby was cooking.

The centrepiece at the table as the platter of roast pork loin with stuffing made with dried apricots, sultanas, breadcrumbs, bacon, pine nuts and parsley, a Masterchef worthy creation by hubby. The crackling was crispy and crunchy. This was served with homemade apple sauce and roasted vegetables. Everyone loved it!

 My Mum made the spring rolls and smoked salmon salad.
 My in-laws brought a plated of cooked prawns and SIL brought her usual potato salad.
I made two desserts - Mangomisu and Pavlova. My SIL also bought a Yule Log.


Yule Log
We all suffered from food coma after the lunch. After our guests left, it was time for a siesta. There are still leftovers for dinner and tomorrow. 

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas celebrations with your family and loved ones. Love to see your photos.


  1. Wow! This is an perfect Christmas lunch.

  2. wow.. that's really a food coma. Guess what? I was so busy cooking and they ate as fast as I could cook, no one took pics.. except the last 3 bottles of wine *shame*
    Wishing you and yours a Very Happy New Year !!