Saturday, January 14, 2012

Marmite Chicken

On our last trip to Malaysia, we were introduced to a new dish - Marmite Chicken. Initially, I was hesitant to taste the dish. Marmite is a salty yeast extract (a by-product of beer brewing) similar to Bovril and Vegemite. When I was little, we used to add a small dollop of Marmite or Bovril to a bowl of plain rice congee to add flavour. We usually ate this when we were unwell.

Despite my hesitation, I did taste the Marmite Chicken dish and was surprised that I could not taste the Marmite at all. The taste is probably masked by the golden syrup (supposed to use maltose but I didn't have in the pantry), sesame oil and honey that is added. I love the caramelised taste of the chicken and it goes well served with steamed white rice.

Here's my version of Marmite Chicken (thanks to Suresh from 3 Hungry Tummies for sharing his recipe). According to Ashleigh (the fussiest eater in our family), this recipe is a keeper. She ate five pieces of chicken, which is a lot for her.


  1. wahhh....looks so yummy. wish i've some marmite or bovril on hand.

  2. Hey Charmaine!
    Thanks for the mention and I am glad it got a tick of approval by the fussy one :)
    P.S thanks for the tips on where to get the original marmite jar :)

  3. Now you have unveiled the mysteries of the marmite chicken marinade! Thanks...