Friday, April 6, 2012

Online Shopping

Online shopping is very popular these days. It's so easy to sit at home or at work, a few clicks and credit card handy and away you go. A few days later, the package will arrives at work or home. How easy is that! I have been shopping online for years, starting with eBay and Amazon. The strong Aussie dollar has also helped to grow the online shopping market.

Whilst I enjoy the convenience of online shopping, there are some items where I still prefer to visit the stores to check out the items or try on the clothing or jewellery. Unless I know a particular brand of clothing and size, I am weary of buying anything online. Shoes are another item which I won't buy online. I need to try the shoes, walk around the shop before making a decision. But I do know a few girlfriends who are happy to buy shoes and clothing from ASOS or Topshop, UK stores where prices are reasonable and sometimes free shipping is offered to.

Books are something that I would buy online as the prices are so much cheaper. I realise that I am contributing to the demise of bookstores but when there is a difference of $10 or more per book, I know which channel I will use. Besides, with my Kindle and iPad, it is so easy to find a book I like, one-click and download to the device.

A few years ago, I was recommended to buy cosmetics and skincare products from The prices are way below what I would normally pay retail price over here. It's always exciting to get a message from the Mail room at work to advise that there is a parcel waiting. Then when I head downstairs, I see this white package with purple ribbon tied around it, which is the signature packaging for The boxes inside are also perfectly wrapped in purple hologram paper. Sometimes, you can buy products unwrapped, which is even cheaper.


  1. Charmaine, I also get hooked on shopping online recently. I ordered 2 pairs of yoga attires from Australia website and books for my girls. I need to have some self-control, otherwise I can't imagine how shock my husband will be when receiving the credit card bill.

  2. I use Strawberry Net for some of my cosmetics shopping too. It's a great website with some good prices.

  3. i'm registered on sooo many of those flash sales sites...and everyday i'm being tempted to buy stuffs online. it's baaaaaaddddd!!! :P online shopping is just toooooo convenient for my own good.