Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ladies Lunch

I met with up with three girlfriends today for a ladies' lunch at Chat Thai, Westfield Sydney. I didn't take any photos today, too busy catching up on each other's news. I have know these ladies for more than 10 years since our oldest children attended the same long day centre. With our busy lives, it's not often we meet up, but it's always lovely to be able to do this. Our girls are older now and in high school. Our conversations used to about our children, how they are doing in school etc. Today, the topics covered were mammogram, general health, hormone levels, grey hairs, facials etc.. how times have changed.

I like the Thai food at Chat Thai. It has good flavour and spicy heat levels. I find my local Thai place is too watered down and sweet. The restaurant is not big and it gets busy during the peak times. There is also no reservations but a piece of paper stuck on the glass where you write your name. The waiter/waitress will call your no and ask if all guests have arrived, if not, you'll have to step aside and wait till everyone in your group arrives. I really don't like this no reservation business.

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