Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ashleigh's 1st Cooking Lesson

Here is the outcome from Ashleigh's first cooking lesson with her Dad. I was surprised that there was no tears or tantarums during the lesson, which is great. Sometimes, hubby can get a tad impatient with her but this time around all was calm. I kept out of the kitchen throughout the whole time, kept Caitlin occupied in another room.

The schnitzel was crunchy and tasty. I asked Ashleigh what was her secret ingredient - it was toasted almond flakes. She added the flakes to the breadcrumbs (made from toasted wholemeal bread), mixed with herbs from our garden - oregano, thyme and parsley. It tasted better than hubby's. Ashleigh stir-fried the corn in some butter, salt and garlic, she found this recipe from one of her cookbooks. The mashed potatoes were a little dry, so I suggested to her maybe she could add a little warm milk next time (adding warm milk instead of cold milk to mashed potatoes makes it fluffier). All in all, satisfactory and a good 1st attempt. Now, what's next on the list?

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