Saturday, January 15, 2011

Getting ready for school - 2011

Another two weeks to go before the new school year begins in NSW. We're almost ready...

  • Stationery  - check
  • Uniforms - ironed and labelled - check
  • Books - labelled and covered - half-check (still waiting for a few of Ashleigh's books on back-order)
  • Black school shoes- check
  • Sport shoes - check
  • White and sports socks - check
  • Lunchboxes - check
  • Drink bottles - check
The girls will need a visit to the hairdresser the weekend before school starts. Oh yes, a visit to the podiatrist to collect Ashleigh's new orthotics, and then we may need to exchange the black shoes for a slightly larger size. We were lucky to buy the black and sport shoes when they were on discount. Hope Caitlin's shoes will last the whole school year, like Ashleigh's.

I taught Ashleigh how to cover her own text books with contact paper. She did a great job and was a big relief for me not to cover another set (wipe brow!)

I think we're nearly there.

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