Sunday, March 27, 2011

Malaysian Monday #4 - KL Hokkien Mee

Ooohh... it has been years since I've tasted the black hokkien mee in KL. I like the combination of the yellow mee (noodle) and rice vermicelli. The secret to making this noodle tasty is the garnish of crunchy bits of pork lard on the top. Yes, I know it's very bad for the cholesterol level, but life's too short. And If you've not had this noodle dish for over 10 years, I figure it justifies it.

1 packet of Yellow hokkien mee (noodle), rinsed with hot water
1 piece of rice vermicelli (pre-soaked in hot water)
handful of cabbage, sliced
10 prawns or shrimps (deveined)
120gm lean pork (thinly sliced and marinated in light soy, pepper and sesame oil)
3 pips of garlic, chopped finely

Seasoning (to taste)
oyster sauce
light and dark soy sauce
salt and pepper

  1. Cut the piece of pork fat into cubes. Heat the wok, and place the cubed pork fat in it. No oil is required because the fat will melt. When pork cubes are crunchy and golden, remove from oil and set aside.
  2. Add in the chopped garlic to the oil remaining in the work, then add in the pork followed by the shrimp. Remove shrimp (to avoid overcooking). Then add in the sliced cabbage.
  3. Put in the noodles and vermicelli and water, followed with all the seasonings. Cover and simmer till noodles are tender. Taste.
  4. If noodles are tender, serve immediately. This noodle dish is best accompanied with sambal belacan. 
Note: I did not add enough dark soy sauce to get a darker version.


    1. Oh my NOW you're making my mouth water! And sambal belacan! BRING IT ON!

    2. I always crave for a plate of fried noodles every now and then, your noodles look perfect!

    3. you are making me crave of hokkien me at 7AM in the morning!!! :P yours looks sooooooo good!

    4. This was on my top of my cravings list while living in California as well hehe, thanks for sharing!

    5. Our favourite weekend dinner treat when I was a kid. My brother and I didn't like the lard though, we picked every single piece out before eating! Little did we know what we were missing. Your version is making my tummy rumble so badly :) Btw, how much pork fat did you use? I assume like most Malaysian dishes, it's agak-agak?

    6. Shaz, I bought one piece of pork rib (which is a slice of pork belly) from the Chinese butcher. I removed the skin and trim off the fat, which I used to make the lard. Not too much because I was conscious of the cholesterol level.

    7. That certainly does not look like KL Hokkien mee...but it looks good. Yum!

    8. Charmaine, this is my favorite noodle dish. We have noodle store in a coffee shop near my house that makes awesome hokkien mee. Just last week I decided to make my own and still have not post it. I love hokkien mee with lots of dark sauce and plenty of (chee yau char). I know it it sinful but can't have hokkien mee with it and belacan chilli. Will email you when I post my hokkien mee. Have a beautiful Sunday.

    9. Ah, thanks for the measurements Charmaine. And thanks again for joining the fun :)

    10. Wah! Nice! Thanks!


    11. I always can't decide whether I liek this more or the fried hokkien mee more! yum, missing home now ):