Friday, August 26, 2011

Caitlin's Reading and Spelling Skills

My youngest daughter, Caitlin, started Kindergarten (or Prep) this year. When she started Kindy, she had basic reading skills. She had learnt the sounds of each letters (phonics) at daycare last year where they followed the Letterland system. She could recognise simple sight words like 'a', 'the', 'and', 'but', 'an', 'like', 'my', 'big', 'one'. She was also able to sound out 3-letter words e.g. cat, hat, sat, big, dig, pig, map, tap, etc.

Gradually, her reading skills have improved and she has reached a level where she is able to read well on her own. I am really proud of her progress. She is now able to read independently, with some guidance. If she does not know the word, she will attempt to sound out the word before asking for assistance. As part of her daily homework, Caitlin has to read two books at her level. We have to record the books she has read and make comments in her reading log which is checked by her class teacher everyday. Three days a week, there are 3 parent helpers that spend 30 minutes in the class, helping the children to learn to read. To provide additional support, there is a teacher who helps the K-2 girls to develop their reading skills. Mrs. M sees each K-2 child individually, guiding them and advising when they are ready to progress to the next level.

Her spelling skills have also improved. Caitlin enjoys drawing and writing little notes for her friends and family. Most afternoons you will find Caitlin in her room, working away on her drawings or writing notes. When she is stuck on a word, she will ask one of us to help her with spelling.


  1. that's great!! My girl has just started learning English phonics in school, and we were told there will be reading homework.. we will see her progress in a couple of months...

    Keep it up, Caitlin.

  2. At my 6YO girl's pre school, there is spelling, Ejaan and Ting Xie every week. My girl is doing well in all 3 but her Mandarin words recognition is very poor. Really worried how she will survive in a Chinese primary school next year.

  3. Chew Lee: that's great to start with phonics which is a great foundation. The Letterland program is UK based and fun.
    Shireen: 3 different languages, quite a challenge's great that Sherilyn is doing well. I am sure she will excel in primary school.