Saturday, October 8, 2011

Portview Seafood Village

For dinner on our 1st night in KK, we went to Portview Seafood Village in town. This restaurant was one recommended by fellow blogger, Dinah, who comes from KK.

The restaurant is quite large and a wall of live seafood in tanks greets you as you walk in. There were numerous varieties of seafood to choose from - lobster, prawns, oysters, abalone, fishes like coral trout, tilapia as well as shellfish like clams, and scallops. Chris' eyes lit up when he saw the variety and he was already selecting what he wanted.
We had a funny moment, before dinner started. I had asked to be seated inside in air-conditioned comfort because I knew Caitlin had difficulty adjusting to the heat and humidity. At the same time, another tour group from Taiwan had booked the tables inside for a dinner and karaoke. The speakers were blaring Taiwanese music quite loudly but tolerable. I asked my family if they wanted to move outside, but they were settled in the cool environment. The next minute, they turn up the volume and the music was now unbearable.. You could not even hear yourself think! We quickly jumped out of our chairs and went to look for table outside, deciding that it was easier to take the heat and humidity then the awful sound coming from the speakers.

Back to food...the prices were really cheap e.g. 2 small fresh abalones steamed for RM16 (less than AUD6). It was easy to get carried away, but we were only a small group, so we had tiger prawns steamed with garlic; stir-fry scallops with ginger and shallots; steamed coral trout with ginger and shallots; steamed abalone with garlic and two non seafood dishes - chicken and fried noodles. I forgot to take a photo of the steamed abalone (too busy eating!)

Coral Trout

Chicken with Onion Rings

Steamed Prawns with Garlic
Service was attentive and quick. The food arrived promptly at our table, despite the restaurant being so busy. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal, even Ash and Cait. I found the food was well seasoned and not too salty. As we ate, we were also entertained by various cultural dances which our two girls enjoyed.

All in all, a satisfying meal at RM321 (AUD 115), which is really cheap when you compare to an equivalent in Sydney will set us back about AUD 400.

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  1. I remember going to a similar place in Penang (near Gurney Drive) and we had a dilemma too: inside was the karaoke and outside were the smokers. The food in your photos look so yummy. I'm salivating!!!

  2. Nothing like the smile on Chris with the fish tanks!