Friday, December 16, 2011

School's Over for 2011

My girls started their summer holidays a week ago...nearly 8 weeks off! 2011 has been a busy and challenging year for all of us. We survived Year 7 and Kindergarten. Looking back, we are glad the year is over.

Year 7 was challenging for Ashleigh from the start. She was really threw into the deep end with homework, extra-curricular activities, social events and projects. She had to learn how to manage her time to juggle all that is happening in her life. I am proud of her and she has done extremely well both in school and making friends. Her social circle has expanded to include some girls who were new to the school this year and also girls from Junior school. Her social life is definitely busier and she has been working out her Skype account. Girls these days no longer talk on the phone; unlike in my days when I used to spend hours on the phone ('cooking porridge' or 'poh chook'). Now they chat on Skype, which is something we've had to watch closely. Ashleigh has not asked for a Facebook account, but we know that will come one day. Recently, I met up with a girlfriend for coffee and she suggested that I draw up a contract when Ashleigh asks for a FB account. That's what she did with her daughter. There were certain conditions that her daughter had to agree to and if any of the conditions were breached, then the access to FB was withheld or terminated. She also suggested that Ashleigh adds me as a friend as a way of monitoring; and it also gives you an insight into how she interacts with her friend.

Caitlin has breezed through Kindergarten as expected. She enjoys going to school everyday which is a great thing. She has settled well into Junior School and is looking forward to Year 1. She just can't wait to grow up and head to Senior School. Sigh! When did my baby grow up so quickly? Caitlin has made friends with E who lives in a neighbouring suburb. The two girls will start jazz ballet class next year. This year has also been a year of birthday parties, Caitlin had four parties in two weekends at the beginning of the year. Boy, I was partied out. I guess your social life expands when you start big school. Caitlin loves her big sister dearly, and will always ask Ashleigh to walk her to her class every morning. Her reading and writing skills have improved but we will continue to work on these over the holidays to ensure she stays on top. Caitlin enjoys art and craft and her afternoons are busy with drawing or making something which is held together by sticky tape. Caitlin brought home a great report card this semester. Her teacher, Miss C, commented that she is "always co-operative, follows instructions, listens carefully and is an outstanding role model for other children".  She also received an "Outstanding" for her reading. According to her teacher, her reading and comprehension is beyond what is expected at Kindergarten level.

We are very proud of both our girls. Well done Ashleigh and Caitlin.


  1. Hi, Charmaine,

    Wow - I didn't realise your older daughter was already in Year 7!

    LOL about the way young people stay in touch these days. It's hard to know what to do sometimes because we didn't have what they have when we were growing up. I'm sure our parents also didn't know what to do with our telephone habits because they didn't use the telephone as much as we did. And, our children will probably have a whole new set of challenges with the next generation.

    We let our children have a FB account as soon as they turn 13. So now we have two on FB. They don't use it much, though.

    Your girls have done well, Charmaine! Congratulations!


  2. Kathy: thanks for visiting. I remember clearly the hours tht my sis and I would be on the phone and tht was before call waiting, so no one else could get through. We've asked Ash if she wants an FB acct, and she said she is happy to wait.
    Wht is it like to hv two teens in the family?

    1. Charmaine: Happy New Year!

      Sorry, I've only just seen this.

      Having two teens in the family is, um, interesting! They have rather different personalities and sometimes that causes conflicts. Also, I think the gender difference might play a part in that as well.

      We've been having a rather quiet week as the oldest is away at camp. He comes back today and I think the 'activity level' in the house is going to be back up again.

      We are going to start our school year tomorrow! Praying that I don't go crazy...

  3. Enjoy the long school break. Our school break is going to end very soon. I have started to miss it.