Monday, July 23, 2012

Malaysian Monday #12 - Seri Muka

I have wanted to make this Nyonya kueh for some time, but have always been worried about failure.
I decided to bite the bullet on the weekend and give it a go. As usual, before I start, I will look through my recipe books and online recipes to read and choose which is the best.

The recipe and method I used is a combo from Agnes Chang and Lily's blog post. It was not that difficult to make after all. Taste wise, all in the family gave it a thumbs up. My only disappointments were the firmness of the top layer and the uneven surface which I was trying to avoid by keeping a low heat whilst steaming the top layer.

I will have to give this another go to try for a smooth surface.

I am submitting this post as part of July 2012's Muhibbah Monday - organised by Test for Skewer, 3 Hungry Tummies and Just As Delish.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for dropping by my blog.
    Your seri muka looks good. Yes, practise makes perfect.