Saturday, August 4, 2012

Menu Plan - Week 1

Do you plan your weekly meals or do you decide what to cook on the day? I usually do not plan our meals because I cook on weekends and at times, it's difficult to decide where we will be and what to eat. My Mum who helps with cooking on weekdays is going away for 5 weeks to visit my sis. I have planned our evening meals for the coming week and plan to do so each week whilst Mum is away. This will help Chris and I to get food ready and meals have to be easy to prep.

On the menu this week:

Monday: Homemade beef burgers
Tuesday: Beef stroganoff with parpadelle pasta
Wednesday: Freezer meal: Soy sauce pork belly (tau yew bak). I'll boil the eggs to add in and stir fry green vegies and rice.
Thursday: Dinner at in-laws
Friday: Take-away or eat out

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  1. Charmaine, you are well-planned. I will plan just a day ahead on weekends.

  2. If I had to take care of the meals (like when my MIL is travelling) I will plan for a few days, and the rest will be impromptu depending on the kids preference.