Saturday, August 18, 2012

Menu Plan - Week 3

Things were a little hectic towards the end of last week and I felt the stress of preparing the evening meals at the end of the day. Even more grateful to my Mum who has everything prepared and ready to eat by the time I arrive home from work. 

Here's what I have planned for the coming week:

  • Monday - Pan-fried pork chop with gravy; stir-fry green vegie. Serve with rice.
  • Tuesday - Baked pasta with minced beef and vegies (similar to spag bog but using penne instead and sprinkling grated cheese on top and into the oven to brown).
  • Wednesday - Chinese clear soup (lotus root and peanuts), steam fish and tofu. Serve with rice. 
  • Thursday - at in-laws
  • Friday - take-out or eat out. 

1 comment:

  1. Pan fried pork chops and baked pasta are always winners and suitable on these still cool evenings.