Saturday, September 15, 2012

An Evening with Kate Bracks - Faith and Food

My girlfriend, C invited me to an event at her church last Saturday night. It was Faith and Food with Kate Bracks, the 2011 Masterchef winner. Kate demonstrated two recipes and also shared her thoughts about her other passion - her faith. Some of you may remember in one of the 2011 Masterchef episodes, the contestants had to cook for Dalai Lama. They were asked to addressed him as His Holiness, but Kate addressed him as Dalai Lama, as she did not feel comfortable calling someone His Holiness when to her the title "His Holiness" is reserved for Christ. Of course, the media at that time, made a fuss about it. Kate is someone who is strong in her faith and holds true to them.
Kate explaining her burnt fingers from cooking at a BBQ the previous day

Wearing the blue glove to protect her fingers
Tonight, Kate demonstrated two recipes - Spice Rubbed Lamb with Rocket, Olive and Goats Cheese Salad and a dessert - Strawberries in Dessert Wine with Orange Honeycomb and Mascarpone. 

Later at supper, we had a chance to taste food from a few other recipes from Kate's cookbook - The Sweet Life - which the ladies from church had made, which was a lovely touch. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening with 249 other women. Kate is a beautiful person, friendly, always smiling, witty and charming. She comes across as a down to earth lady with two feet firmly planted to the ground. 

Hubby's version - Spiced Rubbed Lamb

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