Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Thursday 13 Sept 2012 has been declared "R U OK?" Day - a national community event aimed to bring Australians together to ensure we are staying connected with others and to show that we care for one another. At work, we have been encouraged to check in with colleagues and those around us to ensure they are doing OK.

I think it's a great initiative to stop and take stock of ourselves, our family, friends, colleagues and people in the community. So often, in my busy day, I forget to take that few seconds to ask someone how they are doing. Often, I walk past a colleague or friend and say the customary greeting "How are you?" or "How's it going?" without actually stopping to hear that response; in a rush to get to where I am going.

When I can and remember to do so, I like to take 5-10 minutes each day to just sit and be still. It helps me to rest my mind and simply breathe. Even 5 minutes makes a difference for me, especially when there are a thousand and one things going through my mind - work, home, girls, hubby, parents, church, volunteer activities etc.. I am sure I am not the only Mum who has a million and one things going at the same time. From one busy person to another, I urge my fellow Mums to remember to take that break during their busy day. Sit and have a cup of coffee or tea; just be still and do nothing; clear the mind and feel refreshed after. It could be when you're waiting for the children at after school pickup; when you're out about at the shops or doing other chores.

Tomorrow, as you go about your activites, stop, share a smile or greeting with those around you; ask them if they are OK? And remember to stop and hear their response.

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