Monday, September 3, 2012

Menu Plan - Week 5

On the home run now.... Spoke to my Mum over the weekend, and she's looking forward to coming home. Miss C is counting down the days (yes days now no more weeks). It took me ages to come up with the menu for this week, a bit slow and couldn't decide what to cook. I had to troll through my Excel spreadsheet of recipes to get some inspiration.

  • Monday - Pear and Carrot soup with pork shin; Steamed spare ribs with black bean sauce; Stir-fry Sweet peas and Carrots with fishcake; Peking Duck wraps (as requested by Miss C) served with rice.
  • Tuesday - some pasta dish cooked by hubby (this is easy for him on a weekday)
  • Wednesday - Shepherd's Pie
  • Thursday - in laws
  • Friday - eat out
I will have to this again in a few weeks when my Mum travels again. 

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