Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spring 2012

The weather is warm today - top of 24C, which is perfect for the start of spring. The weather bureau is forecasting a warm, dry summer this year due to the visit by El Nino. Sydneysiders were 'cheated' of summer last year where it was wet, therefore not beach weather. The retailers are geared up for the warm season with new fashion on sale in bright and pastel colours. Time to pack away those winter wollies, send the jackets to the dry cleaners, switch the clothing in the wardrobes and get ready for shorts, tees and sandals. It's also time to check that the summer uniforms still fit for Term 4, since it's been put away for two terms. 

The flowers in my garden are blooming - white daisies, bright pink azaleas, white azaleas and orchids. I see buds growing on the gardenias. 


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