Monday, October 22, 2012

Special Brunch Invitation

Last week I received a special invitation to a French theme brunch. This special invitation was from my older girl, Ash. She is studying Food Tech this term at school. Part of their assessment this term is cook a meal for their special guests. The girls work in groups of four, separating into two groups to prepare each course.

I was impressed by the invitation, menu and overall presentation that the girls created. 

As you can see from the menu, we started with a mini french tomato and cheese quiche, served with a side salad. I really enjoyed the quiche - light and thin pastry and perfectly cooked egg mixture. The dish was light and suited the spring weather (although it felt like winter today with stormy clouds, rain and gale force winds). It was a little heavy on the salt and lack in black pepper (Ash did say they forgot the pepper).

After the main, we were served a french crepe filled with wicked chocolate sauce, sweetened seasonal mixed berries and ice-cream. Very decadent for the morning, but it went down a treat. The crepe was slightly thick in the centre; but thin and crispy around the sides.

Well done Ash and your group. I was delighted by the French theme breakfast and felt privileged to be invited to taste your creations.

Mini cheese and tomato quiche with side salad
Crepes with chocolate filling, seasonal mixed berries and vanilla ice cream
There were four other groups each cooking cuisines from different countries - Malaysia, Japanese, Mexican and Vietnamese. Interesting to note more Asian influences in their palates.

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