Sunday, December 23, 2012

Reflection on 2012

My, 2012 has flown by. 21 Dec 2012 came and went just like any other day, despite the Mayan prediction that it was the end of the world. How did you prepare for the end of the world? Did you spend the day with loved ones? Ate all of your favourite foods? Spend all your money/ I know some friends who held off buying any Christmas presents just in case.

School is over for the year. It was a challenging year for Caitlin who changed schools mid year which has really turned out to be the best thing for her. We are proud of her and how she has easily adjusted to the new school, new environment and new friends. It's a joy to hear your child say she loves her school and looks forward to going to school every day. It affirms that we made the right decision despite agonising over it for a few months. A glowing report card at the end of the year was brought home to our delight. Caitlin now looks forward to moving into Year 2 in 2013 with a new mix of friends as they have split the two classes again to ensure the children make new friends.

For Ashleigh, again another big 2nd year in high school. Work and assignments got tougher, combining with her musical commitment in school and outside of school made it even more challenging for her. She also brought home an excellent report card and we were extremely proud that her hard work was rewarded. A proud moment for her was winning the bronze medal at the volleyball match in Term 4. I think she has finally found the game for her. She enjoyed the team work and camaraderie with the other girls in her team. At the start of Term 4, the team looked shaky to win any medal, so the win at the end was a lovely surprise and reward for the hard work and early morning practices (something we parents are happy it's now over). With her music ensemble, Ashleigh travelled to southern NSW and Snowy Mountains on tour playing at three different schools along the way. We missed her during those days, but she had a great time with her ensemble. Towards the end of the year, Ashleigh had braces put in after 2 months wearing expanders to widen her jaw.

Work was also busy for Chris and I, what's new there? The next 6 months will be a roller coaster ride for me and my colleagues at work as we work towards implementing the biggest changes in our industry. There is much to prepare to ensure we're successful and the changes are rolled out as seamlessly and smoothly as possible.

We hope to be reunited with my extended family in Malaysia during 2013 to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday. We are all praying that her health continues to remain good so that we can celebrate this significant milestone with her.


  1. Congrats on the girls' successes! Wishing you a 2013 that's as good as if not better than your 2012.

  2. Seemingly so-called little things add to the big outcomes. Maybe persistence in and patience for the positive things is the key. Your family and you have chalked up a good year - and my best wishes to you for more.