Sunday, April 21, 2013

Albee's Kitchen, Campsie

No surprises that my 500th post is about food, most importantly Malaysian food to acknowledge my heritage. I have read many good reviews and heard positive comments about Albee's Kitchen in Campsie and their other branch in Cabramatta. Before this visit, friends have bought their famous curry puffs with a quarter half-boiled egg for me try and I love it. The 45 minute drive from our place to Campsie is a deterrent for us to visit. Finally, we paid a visit on our way home from the day trip to the Southern Highlands.

The restaurant has a huge variety of Malaysian dishes, both hawker style noodles or rice as well as 'a la carte' dishes which you can order to share and serve with rice. To me, this is most extensive menu in all the Malaysian restaurants that I have tried in Sydney. It took us a while to decide on which dish to order as our eyes were 'greedy' and everything was tempting. However, there were only 4 of us so we opted for the hawker style dishes instead.

Prices are pretty reasonable ranging from $9.50 to $12.00. Servings are generous; I couldn't finish my bowl of Assam Laksa and hubby didn't finish his wat tan hor either. I enjoyed the Assam Laksa, not too fishy but could be spicier. Still, my Mum's Assam Laksa wins, but by far, this is the best I have tasted in Malaysian restaurants. The rice spaghetti was smooth, the assam soup was tasty with a lovely red colour and there were also pieces of mackerel. Most importantly, the laksa was served with prawn paste or hae koe. Chris enjoyed his Wat Tan Hor (combination rice noodles in egg gravy) with the rice noodles well fried with the 'charred' or wok hei flavour. 

 My two girls shared the Hainanese Chicken Rice and loved the smooth steamed chicken. We also ordered lobak (5 spice pork rolls wrapped in bean curd sheet and deep fried) served with a tasty chilli sauce which was the same sauce served with the chicken rice. Besides eating in, we also ordered 4 curry puffs, 1 pulut panggang and char koay teow to take-away for my parents.

It will be good to visit again with a group of friends to try their a la carte dishes like pandan chicken, marmite chicken, butter prawns, fish head curry, salted fish pork belly, bak kut teh, butter oat chicken, beef rendang, curry chicken and many more. 

Are you salivating? Are you tempted to visit Albee's? 


  1. finally, you paid them a visit! you didn't try their cendol?

  2. It's good that you finally got there! I do like their curry puffs..

  3. I do find their lobak, Kuching hot pot noodles and tamarind laksa nice as well. Now you have to try the Cabramatta joint, although I find the variety at Campsie is better.

  4. I'm tempted! Those curry puffs look delicious. Great post, thank you very much.