Monday, April 22, 2013

Highland Gourmet Potatoes, Wildes Meadow

Chris and I have always said we have an 'Irish' daughter. Our oldest girl simply loves potatoes, cooked in any way - mash, roast, fried, hashbrowns. If there are potatoes on the table, she is a happy camper. Late last year, we were introduced to the large variety of potatoes at the Highland Gourmet Potatoes at Eveleigh Farmers Market in Redfern. Prior to that, we have always bought brushed, desiree, kipfler or chat varieties from the local fruit and vegie market.
Did you know there are many more varieties such as King Edward, Pink Fir, Dutch Cream, Ruby Lea, Purple Congo, Royal Blue, Sapphire, Cranberry Red, Otway Pink, Pink Kiss, Snow Gem etc etc? Neither did we, but we have since tried a few of these varieties from Highland Gourmet Potatoes. Dutch Cream and Pink Fir are my favourites.

On our recent trip to the NSW Southern Highlands, we went to visit their road-side stall at Wildes Meadows to check out other types. The stall works on an honesty system, where no one mans it. You just pick the bag of potatoes you want, and place the money $5 per bag into the locked box. 

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