Thursday, April 25, 2013

Toad in the Hole

Ever heard of this baked dish called 'Toad in the Hole'? Neither have I until two weeks ago when our friends Jim and Georgie made it for dinner on our 1st night at their farm.

It is a traditional English dish. Sausages are cooked in Yorkshire pudding batter, usually served with vegetables and gravy. No one knows where the unusual name originated from but there are suggestions that the sausages resemble a toad sticking its head out of a hole. Not sure I can see that from the dish. What do you think?

Nonetheless, it is a simple one dish dinner (hurray!) that children will love.

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  1. I think my kids would love this dish!

  2. oh, my version of toad in the hole is different!

  3. Chrys, what's your version like?

  4. I made this just last week! We love it, I usually make it with the Ottway free range pork sausages. Thanks for the interesting post.