Friday, April 26, 2013

PappaRich, Sydney

PappaRich is a Malaysian franchise which opened its first outlet in Sydney this week. The PappaRich grouped opened its first outlet in Malaysia in 2005. Since then, the business has grown and there are 6 outlets in Australia including 5 in Melbourne. Like any new restaurants, the crowds are queuing up to try this new eatery. Tonight, we went early for dinner and the place was still quite empty. The queue starts around 6pm so best to get in just before 6pm for dinner. By the time we left at 7pm, there about 20 people waiting outside.

First thing that impressed us was the menu with its glossy pictures and many varieties to entice your tastebuds. The menu is categorised into roti (roti kaya), satay, bread (Hainan style bread with curry chicken), noodles, rice, vegetarian (nasi lemak with vegetarian mutton curry), snacks, desserts and drinks. It took us a while to write on our orders on the form as there were too many choices. When we've decided, we wrote the item number on the form, pressed the bell at the table and one of the wait staff promptly appears to collect the form.

There is also a children's play area which a good place for kids to be distracted

For dinner tonight, we ordered Wat Tan Hor, Char Koay Teow, Seafood Laksa, Ipoh Hor Fun with Steamed Chicken, Roti Planta, Oriental Chicken Chop with Rice, Chicken Satay, Ice Kacang and Banana Fritters. Yes, we were that hungry or greedy!!!

What did we like: Wat Tan Hor, Ipoh Hor Fun with Steamed Chicken, Chicken Satay, Oriental Chicken Chop with Rice and Banana Fritters. The fitters was crunchy and served with vanilla ice cream. Chicken Satay was tender but not enough satay sauce to go with it, we had to ask for extra sauce. I did give them feedback about the sauce. The Wat Tan Hor was tasty with lots of gravy; quite a large portion too. Ash enjoyed her Chicken Chop served with Chicken Rice. The rice is cooked with chicken stock which enhances the taste. The Steamed Chicken served with the Hor Fun was silky smooth and best part, it was deboned.

Banana Fritters served with ice cream
The Char Koay Teow lacked the chilli oomph and wok hei (charred smoky) flavours. We didn't ask for chilli in the CKT as we assumed there would be some. A friend went the day before and she said her CKT was good. Our serving was quite small tonight too. Some inconsistencies in the serving sizes and cooking.

We think the shaved ice in the Ice Kacang was not freshly shaved but shaved earlier and refreeze, so it was compact and hard when served. I like the peanuts and creamed corn added.

Ice Kacang - check out the odd shape
Roti Planta was dry and crispy and the amount of curry served was small. PappaRich's version of Roti Planta has sugar in the middle. Cait was not keen on the roti, as she preferred the roti at Mamak.

Service was efficient and there are many wait staff available to respond each time you ring the bell. The dishes were quick to be served from the kitchen too. One downside was no napkins were provided at the table, we had to asked for them. Why can't they just place the napkins on the table together with the cutlery?

Some hits and misses for us but we will visit the restaurant again to try the other dishes in the menu. I am keen to try the Briyani dishes and Nasi Lemak.

PappaRich Chatswood
1/63 Archer Street
Chatswood NSW 2067
Ph: (02) 9411 3207

Opening hours: 11am to 10pm 7 days

Disclaimer: Opinions written above are based on my family's and my tastes and views. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions based on their tastes and preferences.


  1. Hi, Charmaine, looks like this Papparich has started making profit from the 1st day of opening! I didn't know that they opened until my parents-in-law told me so as they live in Chatswood & they went there for lunch on the grand opening day. We went there on Anzac Day! Going to send you an email, pls check when you are free!

  2. Wow, Charmaine your family and you had a wide variety and spread. The photos you took of the char koay teow and banana fritters with ice cream did attarct my attention, but I do appreciate your comments from the experience having tasted them. Papa Rich is another invasion from the Asian food scene in Melbourne. The curry laksa I tried in their Penang joint was more of Malay styled cooking. It's good you mentioned about Cait distinguishing the various forms of roti that are served at these places - roti seems to be sprining up like mushrooms on the Australian capital city scene! Bread with curry inside is also a dish long missed.