Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Old Town Kopitiam Mamak, Melbourne

******This is a back-dated post********

During the June long weekend (11-14 June), I was away in Melbourne with 3 other girlfriends for our annual holidays. Yes, we go away once a year for some girlie time. Our previous trips have been to Mudgee and the Blue Mountains in country NSW. This time, we decided we want to stay in a city and do some shopping and check out some good foodie places. Melbourne is a great place for all that.

When Joyce and I were out shopping one afternoon, we came across this Malaysian restaurant at QV Square on Lonsdale St, Old Town Kopitiam Mamak,  which serves Mamak style food. Mamak is a term used in Malaysia to refer to Indian Tamil Muslims. We checked out the menu and decided that we shall return the next day for lunch. There is another Old Town Kopitiam outlet on Little Bourke St in Melbourne's Chinatown as well, which is a smaller venue. 'Kopitiam' is the Hokkien word for coffeeshop, a common and often favourite eating place in Malaysia where there are many individual stallholders who sell different types of Malaysia food such as har mee (prawn mee), curry laksa, char koay teow, chee cheong fun, rojak, koay teow th'ng, popiah,

At lunch, the next day, it was a challenge to decide what to eat and drink. Finally, we decided to order a few varieties to share - nasi kandar, mamak mee goreng, roti telur and pan mee soup. Cindy's honey lemon drink was served in an old style kopitiam cup and saucer. This brought back memories when my grandfather would take me to the local kopitiam in Bukit Mertajam for breakfast.

The food was delicious. I liked every dish except for the mamak mee goreng which I found slightly sweet. The taste of the dishes were authentic and close to what we would get back in Malaysia. I liked the curry and sambal which accompanied the roti telur. The roti was made by a Mamak guy.

I am definitely adding this restaurant to my list of places to eat in Melbourne.

Old Town Kopitiam Mamak
QV Square (near Melbourne Central)
210 Lonsdale St
Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9654 2682

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  1. The roti telur is so captivating, especially with the gravy and garnishing. It looks like this cafe has gone all out to retain a high degree of authenticity. Even many places in Malaysia today have lost this touch.

  2. I've always thought it'll be a good idea to run a kopitiam in Melbourne and I've been bugging my brother to do it. Looks like there's many kopitiams now. Another Msian foodie blogger migrated to Melb and opened her new place.. check it out at www.preciouspea.blogspot.com. I like her cooking style.. and I think she'll cook up some amazing stuff.
    Hey, back to kopitiam.. issit the same as our oldtown kopitiam ? Coz here, they serve panmeen too.

  3. u know, this food thing is actually one of the reason why we dare not think of migrating. But looks like international food is very common nowadays and easily can get anywhere. Great that you can eat our country's food over there.

  4. KY: you must visit this place the next time you're in Melb.
    Elaine: your brother should consider opening a Msian eatery. I did read abt Precious pea's place, think it's not in the CBD area.
    Chin Nee: Msians are lucky to have food 24x7. I guess after 21 years here, I don't really miss it that much anymore.

  5. the food look good. I wonder how much it cost for that two roti canai?

  6. Annie: the roti telur cost A$4.50. That's considered cheap in Oz.

  7. I didn't know Kopitiam was making inroads in Australia. Well, glad you girls get a taste of Malaysia....