Monday, July 13, 2009

NSW South Coast

Warning: Long post.

Since it's the winter school holidays, we decided to take a short break to the NSW South Coast. I know it's cold now so they will be no swimming or surfing, but it's still nice down the coast. We've booked a holiday home in Gerroa to share with another family who have two girls like us. The girls attend the same primary school.

We decided to take the scenic route via Sea Cliff Bridge along the Grand Pacific Drive. The views from the bridge are absolutely stunning, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The bridge is a popular drive for weekenders and it was opened in 2005.

We also stopped to have brunch at Austinmer Beach. Here's a look at what we ate.

The section of NSW South Coast that we visited is known as Kiama Shellharbour and it is only 90mins from Sydney. The area is famous for its surfing beaches - Werri Beach, Seven Mile Beach and also the Blowhole in Kiama.

The house we stayed in was spacious with four bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It had fabulous panoramic views of the ocean and mountains. We spent the 1st day relaxing in the home despite the lovely weather outside. Friends who moved to Gerroa visited us in the afternoon and brought muffins with them.

The next day after a hearty breakkie which the men cooked, we set off to the Illawarra Tree Top Walk, which is a fun but cold adventure. The views were lovely and breath-taking. The girls were frightened because of the heights but the structure was pretty sturdy. We were walking 25m above the ground.

After the walk, we stopped by at The Abbey run by Benedictine nuns, to buy some candles and also attend a prayer session in the church there. The Abbey is a lovely, serene and peaceful place.
We had a late lunch at Berry, which is so full of Sydneysiders on weekends now. It was really busy. We were tired after the walk, so we headed back to the house to relax before dinner.

I'll end this post with the food we had on our last night.


  1. wow, the views breathtakingly beautiful :D Food look so yummy :D Glad you all had a great holiday :)

  2. Wow, the breakky at Austinmer looks yummy, which cafe or restaurant did you guys go? It was wonderful that you all went to experience the Sky walkway. Charmaine and Chris, you have planned and done well, with a balance of outdoors, cuisine and even visitng the Abbey. Did you go to a cute shop called the Barkery in Berry? Kev

  3. Kev,
    I think the cafe is called AustiBeach (it's the one facing the beach, only one I think). Did not spend too much time at the Abbey, just had late lunch/afternoon tea. No time for shopping.