Monday, October 19, 2009

Food that We Sampled in Malaysia

Here's some photos of food that we ate whilst on our holidays in Malaysia. I did not take a photo of every single food item, just ones that we've never had before.

one of my fav - steamed bamboo clams
stir-fried snails (not the garden variety)

salted egg yolk crab

clams (lala) in broth

Claypot Crab Rice (in some restaurant near Nibong Tebal)


  1. I vote for the bamboo clams and stir fried snails as the most unusual, but I do remember them. The broth in which the lala soaked is defintiely appetising. Where did you find such dishes, worth a visit to Province Wellesley?

  2. Kev: the bamboo clams and snails I had at Pantai Seafood Restaurant in Kayu Ara , near Damansara Jaya. The claypot crab rice was somewhere near Sungai Bakap, I think. Sorry don't hv details as my coz took me there.

  3. I love the salted egg crabs *drooling*! The bamboo clams look good too.

  4. hmmmm...the food looks so yummy!!

  5. Now you make me crave for crabs!!!!!

  6. oh boy...i am so hungry now and it's almost midnight.