Sunday, November 29, 2009

Making Gingerbread Cookies

Here are the photos from our gingerbread making session yesterday. The girls enjoyed the rolling and cutting and finishing off with the icing as well.

I made royal icing to ice the cookies, this icing hardens well. To make royal icing, I beat one egg white and mix in the sifted icing sugar a little at a time and until well combined. Keep adding the sifted icing sugar until you can make soft peaks (to test, dab a clean knife or spoon in the icing mixture, if soft peaks appear, then it's ready). You can choose to tint the royal icing with colours or leave it white. Then, place the icing into piping bag/zip lock bag with the appropriate nozzle/pipe.

N.B. A friend told me that you can buy meringue powder as well, easier than making royal icing from scratch.

Check out Caitlin's face - so serious when she is rolling out the dough :-)

Even Ashleigh was totally focused when icing the cookie.

Finally, the cookies are wrapped ready for Ash to give to her schoolmates tomorrow.


  1. Oh its so sweet to see your girls making ginger breads in full concentration...and you're blessed with 2 beautiful girls

  2. H'fly: Thnks for the compliments. It was fun to bake with Ash and Cait, but tiring. Next week another round for Caitlin's day care centre.

  3. the cookies look so pretty. i'm sure their friends love them more after eating those lovely cookies. hehehe

  4. The icing done by your girls are very neat and nice. Looks like a lot of work baking these cookies. You did it very well.