Sunday, March 21, 2010

Katsura Japanese @ Neutral Bay

We went out for dinner last night at Katsura Japanese. We've never tried this place before. It has two restaurants - a la carte and yakiniku. We opted for the yakiniku section which also allows us to order food from the a la carte menu. We love Japanese food, esp. my girls who are fussy eaters.

My hubby and I had the sashimi salad, chawan mishu, wagyu beef and miso pork on the BBQ. Our girls had the udon and chicken teriyaki. I love the chawan mishu and the sashimi salad, light and fresh.

Katsura Japanese
11/129-133 Military Rd
Neutral Bay NSW 2089
Katsura Japanese on Urbanspoon


  1. lovely blog you have here! I'm a new blogger as well! feel free to visit my page whenever you got the time. will be coming here often! take cares & happy easter to you and your family!

    Cheers, Jen

  2. Jen: thanks for visiting. Will hop over to your blog soon.