Saturday, September 4, 2010

Breakfast @ St Malo's Bakery, Crows Nest

We had breakfast last Sunday at St Malo's Bakery, Crows Nest before we went to Ashleigh's school for the Spring Fair. I had the same order as the previous visit - Sauteed Chorizo and Mushrooms on Olive Bread with Basil Pesto. Chris had the big breakfast and Ash had the toasted Banana Bread with honey butter.

Here's what Caitlin had:


  1. I am wondering what drink your girl Caitlin had. I thought normally Espresso is served in such a cutie small cup. Curious to know.

  2. SM: Caitlin is drinking a babycino - basically it's the frothy hot milk with choc powder sprinkled on top. A babycino to go with Mum's espresso or cappucino, although I prefer a flat white myself.