Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Year 6 Night of Excellence

On Monday, Ashleigh and her fellow Year 6 friends hosted a special event at school called "Night of Excellence" where they presented the findings from their studies and research that they have been working on for the whole of Term 3.  The Night of Excellent program involves an in-depth study of a person who has displayed excellence and persistence to achieve their goals. Part of their research was also to discover the background of the person, what influences and achievements have made their chosen person famous and what difficulties have they endured in their life. 

At the beginning of the term, her class teachers sent a note home explaining what was required and also the role of the teachers and parents. In this project, teachers and parents played the role of advisor and counsellor to guide and encourage the girls. We were not allowed to help them in their work and research. 

Ashleigh chose Sir Edmund Hillary, the famous New Zealander mountaineer who became the first climbers to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Hillary did reached the summit with help from a Nepalese Sherpa, Tenzing Norgay. We are very proud of the amount of time and effort that Ashleigh has put unto this project. Whilst there are plenty of information and resources available on the world wide web, we have also encouraged her to use resources from the library as well. The teachers had set out a list of questions that the girls needed to answer.

Ashleigh also made a model of the great Mountain using paper mache. In addition, she also create a movie from photos and scanned pictures using the iMovie software on my Macbook. I think she is like my hubby, who is into IT. In fact, Ashleigh is often called upon by her teachers as a 'tech support'. 
All the girls had to dress up in the character they have chosen. 

It was a great night where I 'met' Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, Coco Chanel, Thomas Edison, JK Rowling, Li Cunxin, Helen Keller, Dawn Fraser, Amelia Earhart, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Jacques Costeau, Roald Dahl - to name a few amazing people. 

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  1. Good choice, Ash! A well thought out choice with so much fascinating information at your stall. Also enjoyed you dressing up as the Hillary hero.