Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kindy Orientation

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Tomorrow is a big day for Caitlin. It's orientation day for the Kinder children at her new school. Sigh....whilst we are all excited for her, deep down I am sad my youngest is going to big school. She's really growing up too quickly. I know she is ready for school - emotionally and socially. She will have the advantage of being familiar with the school since both girls will be going to the same school - junior and senior school separated by a driveway. I am worried about getting her fitted for uniforms, because she is quite petite in size. Uniform fittings have been booked for later this year, just before school closes for the year.


  1. I'm a lil confused. Is it prep or kinder orientation?

    I'm abit excited for mine to start prep... I'm upset when he gets antsy and doesn't want to go for his transition classes.. ha ha.. I'll say, "Go! Go!"..he'll say, "No! No!"

    I guess, it's all part of growing up.. and letting go.

  2. Mott: I think in Vic, it's called Prep. In NSW, it's called Kinder. Confusing...basically it's the year before Primary/Year 1. Caitlin is so excited about big school. She wants to start next week. It's me who is having the problem of letting go.

  3. Congrats Cait, you are all so grown up as you reach this exciting stage of life. Mummy will have to let go slowly, but she has prepared you well.