Sunday, May 1, 2011

Frenchs Forest Organic Market

For the first time in many weeks, we did not have anything planned for our Sunday. But, did we sleep in? Nah.....I woke my family at 7:30am to check out the weekly Organic Market at The Parkway Hotel in Frenchs Forest. This weekly market is only 10 mins drive north from our home. Have been wanting to visit this market for ages, but there is always something on Sunday which stops us. The sun was shining brightly which was lovely and warm after a week of grey skies and rain. The early bird definitely catches the worm. The hotel's carpark was almost full when we arrived (market opens at 8am and we got there at 8:30am).

There are a wide variety of stalls at this market selling meats, fruits and vegetables, breads, eggs, popcorn, plants, clothing, honey, cured meats, coffee beans, teas, skincare and makeup. There are also a good selection of international food - Turkish Gozleme, Gourmet Pies, Indian rotis and dosai, Chorizo rolls, Empanadas, Organic Bacon and egg rolls, tea and coffee carts, juice and smoothies - there was plenty to choose from.  Note to self: do not have breakkie before visiting the market.

This was the 1st stall we came across as we entered the markets. We could smell the freshly popped corn and it was irresistible.  We had to buy a small bag of Sweet and Salty popcorn. There were other flavours too - Chocolate and Cinnamon as well as Spicy.

We bought some mushrooms from the Mushroom people. Love the fresh variety - Wild Pine, King Brown, Shimeji, Swiss Brown, Woodear, Oyster, Enoki, Chestnut, Flat and Button. We bought the last Wild Pine (a lady came 10 seconds later and was disappointed), Swiss Brown, King Brown and Flat mushrooms to make Mushroom soup. 

If you love breads, you would absolutely love the selection sold at the markets. There were spelt, sourdough, wholegrain, gluten free, pumpkin, rye breads and many more. It was bread heaven. We had a chat to this guy who runs the German Bread stall, he was telling us his housemates love him because of the bread.

German Bread
I had to control myself from buying all the beautiful fresh fruit and vegies. Such beautiful colours. I managed to buy a small bunch of organic bananas at $8/kg which was super cheap when our local fruit and vegie market is selling them for $12.98/kg (due to the cyclone in Queensland).

We bought some organic beef rissoles and wagyu and mushroom sausages from the Free Range Butcher. Friendly folks who cooked some beef sausages for everyone to sample. The sausages were delicious, packed with flavour and no fat. You could taste the difference in the quality of meats used.

These two lovely Indian ladies were making Indian rotis or Masala Dosais. Love her sweet smile, so obliging for the camera.

Love the cymbidium orchid plants sold by this friendly guy.

We have already decided that we will return to the Organic Markets in a few weeks. We are happy to support these farmers who sell direct to their consumers. At least, I know the money goes straight to their pockets.

Our girls have already decided what they want to eat there. It'll be a tough decision for Chris and I - bacon and egg roll or Chorizo roll. Decisions, decisions, decisions...


  1. Aromatic pop corn, freshly baked breads and light dosais. What more to encourage us to get out early to such community markets? More than the food, I reckon it's also the friendliness of such people at the markets.

  2. i luuuurve farmers' markets....not to mention an organic one! masala dosai for me please! :P~~

  3. Kevin: well said. It is the warm friendly people who make these markets a great place to visit, not just to check out the produce and other goods, but also to chat with the sellers and find out more about the food and produce.