Sunday, April 10, 2011

Term 1 2011 and School Holidays

It's the Term 1 school holidays. Where did the first term go? Caitlin has already finished her first term of Kindergarten It's been amazing to see how she has progressed since the 1st day in February. Caitlin enjoys going to school and actually looks forward to school everyday. Hope this feeling will last for the next 13 years. We are proud of how far she has come in her reading program, in the 10 weeks, she has moved to Level 3 of the school's reading program. Her teacher, Mrs. Z has commented at the 1st Parent-Teacher interview that Caitlin is doing exceptionally well for a child her age. Caitlin makes friends easily, with birthday invitations coming home nearly every week.

Ashleigh is also well settled into Year 7. She finished off the term with a Maths assessment to see how the girls are progressing. She came in at 3rd position in her year and is happy that she is staying in the same top Maths class. No assessments for the other subjects yet. There is no rest for the weary though... exams will start in Week 4 in Term 2. Ashleigh will be busy these holidays preparing for the exams and also her Grade 3 flute exam in early May. If she is busy, it also means I will be busy too, helping her.

We will be taking a short break in the middle of the holidays to spend some time in the country, relaxing and taking in the fresh air. We'll also be visiting the Sydney Royal Easter Show  - where the country meets the city - with many animal exhibitions, dog and cat shows, amusement rides and side show alley, entertainment, junk food like popcorn, dagwood dog (aka corn dog) and show bags.


  1. Have fun at the Easter Show! We're enjoying the holiday break too. Both your girls sound like they are having a really great year at school :)

  2. Thanks Shaz. You enjoy the break with your family too. Are you heading to the Easter show?