Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunscreen - Everyday?

Do you use sunscreen everyday? I do, particularly on my face and neck even on days when it's cloudy, wet and grey. I read an article in Body & Soul on the weekend about using sunscreen in winter. The article states that "less than 20 per cent of Australian men and women wear sunscreen in winter, according to a recent survey conducted by Canstar Cannex". Even though the UV levels are lower in winter, it does not stop the sun damage on our skin. If you're going to the snow fields, it is even more important to apply sun protection on your face. I have seen many people who have returned from the snow fields with sunburnt face. The sun glare from the snow makes it easier to burn.

Another issue to consider during winter is to ensure we are get sufficient exposure to the sun for Vitamin D, which is vital for strong teeth and bones and helps fight against osteoporosis. I remember growing up in Malaysia, where many ladies will carry umbrellas to protect themselves from the hot intense sun in Asia. Over here, especially during winter, people are usually out and about when the sun is shining to get some warmth from the sun.


  1. I use sun protection on my face daily. I used to LOVE LOVE the sun and I'm kicking myself so silly now for all those weekends and days of being vain and making sure I was browner than brown just lying there on the beach soaking some sun. I still love the sun but these days you won't catch me wearing close to nothing..I'll be the one wearing the huge huge hat!! haha...being exposed to some sun is also acceptable. Like you said, vital to your health. My grandma had to take some vitamins just to boost her deficiency in this area because she never saw the sun! Is there sun in Sydney at the moment??

  2. Cyn: not much sun at the mo. But still wearing the sunscreen. Actually I have to take vit D supplements too, due to a slight deficiency.