Sunday, November 27, 2011

Freshly Laundered

It was been a very wet week in Sydney since last Monday until midday on Saturday. Finally, the sun came out and the sky was a beautiful shade of blue. After a week of low lying grey clouds with rain, heavy at times, the sun was a welcome sight to all. As soon as I was sure the sun was here to stay, I quickly started a load of washing. It had been a week of nil laundry. I could have done a wash during the week but I really dislike using the dryer for the clothes.

Today, I did four loads of laundry. It was a lovely view of my garden when I saw the towels, bedsheets and clothes hanging on the Hills Hoist and turning around with the wind. Bliss! I don't know about you, but I am weird in that I love the smell of freshly laundered and sun-dried clothes. It has that sense of cleanliness that brings such satisfaction to me...the simple things in life.

On top of being friendlier to the environment, using the sun and wind to dry the laundry also means savings to the hip pocket. The dryer is a household appliance that sucks up a lot of energy, and in these days of high power bills, it is a blessing not to use the dryer. Besides, I find the dryer can damage some clothes, especially the more items made from fragile materials.

What about you, dear readers? Do you prefer the sun or the dryer for your clothes?


  1. i'd love the sun option too - for all the same reasons that you've listed. unfortunately, we don't get enough sun/warmth to dry the clothes properly. and the winds can be too strong. i've tried leaving my laundry out but they were either blown away or covered with leaves/twigs :(

  2. Definitely the sun and natural elements. There is a different feel to the process when compared to the dryer. Having said that, at times, there is no other choice but to revert to the machine, like last week.

  3. I love sun dried clothes .. smell so nice .. typical malaysian :) I have no choice but to use a dryer now ...

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  5. We have a dryer too..I'll be lucky if I use it twice A YEAR. Only when I'm absolutely desperate in winter for sheets and towels. I too don't like the energy consumption and what its doing to the clothes if used too often. I'm a typical Asian, if you were to come over to my place, you'll find me hanging my clothes in my alfresco area - where there's plenty of sun but if it rains, my clothes remain untouched hehe...lucky I'm not hanging my laundry on the balcony haha!...I do have a proper drying line outside but do I use it..?

    hehe..glad you finally got all your washing done!! I love that feeling too - clean and nice smelling clothes/sheets/towels!!

  6. I love the smell of thoroughly sun-dried clothes too. But living in a condo with limited space for drying, sometimes it takes days for the clothes to be thoroughly dried... and I just hate the musty smell on our clothes.