Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shopping for Winter Shoes and Boots

Finally, I have bought shoes for winter for my girls. My girls have lean and narrow feet which makes it a challenge to buy shoes most of the time. Ballet slippers popular with girls their age do not fit well. They slip off and are not comfortable. When the time comes to buy new shoes, I grit my teeth and traipse the different stores like Myer, David Jones, Shoes and Sox, The Shoe Shop, Novo until we find the right pair.

The weather is slowly getting cooler although the days are still warm, but it's time to think about winter boots and shoes. Last Saturday, Ash and I went shoe shopping at Myer. She's wearing size 6 shoes now, two sizes smaller than mine. My, how she has grown my teenager. We were lucky and found two pairs - brown and black at Myer with a bonus sale 50% discount on the second pair. The brown pair has studs and a slight heel which Ash really likes. Cait wasn't keen on the heel and may have had a word or two with me about buying those boots for Ash.

Today, we went to shop for Cait's shoes. Found a pair of black patent boots at Myer with 25% discount. Score again! Then it was off to Shoes and Soxs for a pair of Mary Jane style shoes. Cait was tempted by a pair of Clark's ballet slippers which fit really well, but Ash and I overrruled her on the colour. It was gold. Finally decided on a pair of dark burgendy Mary Jane shoes that were made in Spain. Cait is wearing size 1 shoes now.

All in all, this year's winter shoes and boots shopping has been relatively stress free. Phew!

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