Monday, March 30, 2009

Ashleigh Turns 10

My eldest daughter, had a birthday party at home today. It was a jewellery beading party for 13 girls (she was suppose to invite only 10 but ended up with 12 plus her). I made the birthday cupcakes and cake. Ash chose the decorations for the cupcake. I was going to buy the cupcake stand but found a site with instructions on to make one from here. It was easy, I bought two foam rounds 6 and 8 inch and covered it with lilac and white coloured ribbons, colours chosen by Ash.

My hubby and I prepared the food. On the menu (as requested by Ash), the girls had:
  • Chicken Schnitzel
  • Chicken and Vegetable sausage roll (from Delicious Magazine)
  • Potato gems
  • Cheezels
  • Fruit kebabs

    We kept the food simple because we knew the girls would be busy with the beading.
It was so busy that we forgot to take pictures of the food. Only remembered the cake. The girls had a great time, busy with their hands and chatting away. They each made three projects - bracelet, pair of earrings and necklace. A few girls also managed to make a ring. Lovely creations by all, colourful ones too. I'm sorry I can't post photos of the girls.


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter. My elder son also going to celebrate his 9th years old birthday tomorrow. I'm thinking to bake a sponge cake (1st time bake, not sure it would turn ok or not) and prepare some Japanese foods (his favorite ).

  2. I have a simple sponge cake recipe if you need one. Happy to email it to you. Let me know yr email add.

  3. Nice cupcakes and stand you made there!
    Actually I find the cupcake stand by Wilton is not that nice... too empty since it is hollow. :P

    The stand you've made is better as you can put colours to it and look more sturdy.

  4. Thanks Angeleyes. The cupcake stand is easy to assemble, using cake boards and foam rounds, which you can cover with ribbons, materials (from wedding dress) etc. Easy to pack away as well. Did not cost me too much because I already had the boards, only had to buy the foam rounds.

  5. oooo....u made the display so beautifully!! Am looking forward to see the beading projects and how it looks like! Fantastic idea for girl's birthday :)