Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cooking Club #1

Today was the 1st cooking and makan (means 'eating' in Malay) session (hopefully there will be many more) at my house with two girlfriends, Joyce and Cindy. We cooked four different types of Malaysian food.

1st dish - Rojak

We used a store-bought sauce for the rojak, mixing it with pineapple, cucumbers, tau foo pok, green apples (granny smith), yau char koay, sesame seed and ground peanuts. Sengkuang (jicama) is not in season.

2nd dish - Fried Wantan Nori Rolls

Joyce and I came across the recipe on Little Corner of Mine's blog and thought it will be interesting to try it out. It is really delicious. The nori sheet adds flavour to what would be a normal fried wantan.

3rd dish - Char Kueh Kak (Turnip Cake)

A famous hawker dish, especially in pasar malam (night markets) back home in Malaysia. My mum helped us to make the kueh kak and Joyce 'char' the kueh kak with help from me (as her assistant).

4th dish (Dessert) - Pulut Inti

We made something sweet to finish off. Pulut Inti is a type of Nyonya kueh famous in Malaysia, made with glutinious rice and grated coconut. I cannot find bunga telang (blue pea/clitoria flower) here in Australia, so I used blue food colouring to achieve the blue coloured rice.

We had a great time cooking and sampling our hard work. We were 'stuffed' at the end of the day. We are already planning for the next session in a few months, after I 'work off' these additional calories. Thanks Joyce, Cindy and Aunty Rosie for a great session.


  1. It will be nice to taste kampung home dishes especially in abroad. Yummy.

  2. Yummy..!! i wanna make rojak.. !!!